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JOMA BUNK (JomaBunk)

JOMA BUNK (JomaBunk)


The artist, born in Augsburg, attended the technical college for design in Augsburg in 2003 and 2005.
He then studied design in Darmstadt, which he graduated in 2012. Since then he has lived and worked in Frankfurt am Main. He taught himself to draw and paint in his childhood, since he only had his grandmother Frida with drawing skills in his family. However, since JOMA's grandmother limited herself to promoting naturalistic drawing, he began to experiment with abstract and compositional techniques at an early age. In between, he honed his skills with commissioned works in landscape painting and portraits. Since 2014 he has been dealing with topics such as aging and decay. A visual language emerged that can be found in the first animal motifs as well as in the compositions and the alienated situational art.
Resigned protagonists are in a fragile environment. They seem to be aware of decay and to accept their fate lethargically. Joma has already attracted great attention in the Rhine-Main area and beyond. His works are in private collections in Germany and Switzerland.



07/2019, „H-Club“ Darmstadt


06/2018, „Cafè Karin“, Frankfurt

05/2018 ASMALLWORLD Vernissage „Hauptwache“, Frankfurt

02/2018 „Praxis Wiedemann“, Frankfurt


12/2017, „Offenbar“, Offenbach

04/2017, „Tower – alter Flugplatz Bonames“, Frankfurt

03/2017, „Sugar Mama“, Frankfurt

03/2017, „Süden“, Frankfurt


10/2016, „Cafè Karin“, Frankfurt

07/2016, „Klatsch“, Frankfurt.

04/2016, „Alte Liebe“, Frankfurt.


Galerie Neukund Augsburg


Baur Wertingen


VR Bank Wertingen

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