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Oliver Stahmann (Lakini)

Oliver Stahmann (Lakini)


* Born 1974 in Herzberg am Harz in Germany, grew up in Hamburg.

After working most of his life as sports & music journalist as well as an author who published several short stories and poetry in German language, he started dedicating himself to the photography. Being a restless traveller, the camera became an equal companion to his notebook on his trips. A self-taught passion started and generated different series such as his abstract works on Water ("Watermusic") or Trees ("Baumskalps"), as well as the street-photographic works.
Since 2008, he began publishing his work on different artwebsites like Artmesh, Artdoxa or Myartspace. First exhibitions in Greece and Turkey followed.

Since 2009 Stahmann is living in Lima/Peru and had several exhibitions there in different locations. In 2014, his expos "Limania" and "Urbanismo" have been visited by over 30.000 people.


Solo Exhibitions:
2014 limania. San Borja. Business tower hotel
2014 Urbanismo. Miraflores. AVALON.

Group Exhibitions:
2008. Al-Linquindoi presenta. Cadiz/Espana
2008 Mediterranean Artists. Antalya/Turkey
2009 Zone Zero. Gallikos/Greece
2009 ARTISTs For Peace. House of Photography. Istanbul/Turkey
2010 Zone Zero II. Kilkis/Greece
2013 Just A Kid Again. Thessaloniki/Greece
2013 Lima Photo 2013. Lima-Miraflores/Peru. Centro De La Imagen
2013 Oktoberfestival. Lima-Miraflores/Peru. Casa Prado. (also curator)
2013 Serie Essaioue. Lima-San Borja/Peru. Anqari
2014 4.Salon Nacional de la Fotografia. Galeria Juan Pardo Heeren. Lima-Centro/Peru
2014 Marte. Feria de Arte Contemporaneo de Castellon/Espana.


2015 Urbanismo II. Lima-Miraflores/Peru. AVALON.

  • Jochen Hein (Jochen_Hein)
  • rafal karcz (karczraf)
  • Lauren Watley (watermirrors)
  • Roland van der Vogel (vandervogel)
  • Malte Znaniecki (moltomutante)
  • Jasmine Ronel (Jasmine)
  • Danda Hesselmann (dandahesselmann)
  • Luis Leal (luisleal)
  • heiko mehnert (bobcurtiz)
  • Laureen Warrington (M-MISSION)
  • Peter Bies (peterbies)
  • Eric Cato (EVC)
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Lauren Watley (watermirrors)

Lauren Watley wrote on October 27, 2010 06:57:

I am enchanted by your photograph and wanted to share.

Jürgen  Wockert (cajunwocki)

Jürgen Wockert wrote on November 25, 2009 09:12:

hi oliver - schön, mal wieder was von dir zu sehn. complimentos.