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Laura Gamboa (LauraGamboa79)

Laura Gamboa (LauraGamboa79)

Studies in visual arts, urban cultures and rural tourism.

  • Aine Scannell (ainescannell)
  • Andrew Stys (dou_ble_you)
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Laura Gamboa (LauraGamboa79)

Laura Gamboa wrote on June 17, 2013 00:26:

Hahaha yes! I am from Mexico. I am trying to upload more recent work, but I can´t. :)

Andrew Stys (dou_ble_you)

Andrew Stys wrote on June 15, 2013 21:07:

Your work is like Latin American magic realism literature. Full of symbols and layers rooted in life but transposed into a completely different plane. Ha, I just spotted that you are Mexico based ;)