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Ellie Harrison - January 2007

Film showing a photographic mock-up documenting a site-specific installation at the OEen Group gallery in Copenhagen. The exhibition took place inside a container on the second floor of a building site.

The film features a Danish builder character, who invites the audience to vote on whether or not they think the artwork (a scale model of the gallery) is any good. Their decision helps to determine whether it is saved or destroyed.

English translation of the original Danish version.

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Ellie Harrison - July 2005

Film made to be exhibited as part of The Daily Data Log Sheet Resource Centre, which was installed alongside the Daily Data Display Wall at Angel Row Gallery in Nottingham and Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth in 2005.

The film features the Daily Data Logger character, who explains the process of collecting data onto Daily Data Log Sheets (DDLSs). The DDLSs were used each day for the duration of the exhibition to collect data about 20 different aspects of my life. The film was screened on a monitor alongside a file containing all the completed DDLSs.

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