michael tino (TINOART)

michael tino (TINOART)

art is dangerous and necessary for me. dangerous in the sense that if i allow it to consume me it invariably thwarts its natural, organic manifestation. moreover, misdirected artistic intention can be catastrophic. being cognizant of this potential phenomenon makes it that much more alive and engrossing. art is all and everything.

i paint, draw and dissect what i see. it is mostly an intuitive, innate thing. during the process of creating, forms, images, lines, strokes, juxtapositions, etc. expose themselves to me. working primarily in the abstract i am sometimes representational in an intentionally crude and/or distorted manner.

with an extensive background in commercial art and design i began exploring a painterly alternative about 19 years ago. with painting and drawing i found a balance. i use the mechanism to express my perceptions of the world before me and the emotions that surface. i use it to get me out of a psychological bind. it is cathartic in this sense. it is part of the fiber of my being. i cannot not create. Free. Create. be. recent extremely challenging and trying experiences profoundly shaped and even changed the direction of my current work. i seem to be leveraging art to help redefine the next chapter in my life. it seems i have come to an impasse. i am looking to art to save and free— it is simply complex.


art direction / design at Shonkwiler Marcoux Advertising (1994-1999), TMP Worldwide (1999-2008), OKAY Creative (2008-present)
contact for full bio / cv.
thank you for your concern.

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Ian MacLeod (IanMacLeod)

Ian MacLeod wrote on December 02, 2018 02:33:

Michael . thank you. cheers, ian

michael tino (TINOART)

michael tino wrote on December 06, 2014 17:11:

thank you ver much luke!

Luke Gilliam (lukegilliam)

Luke Gilliam wrote on December 05, 2014 18:34:

You have some incredible work Michael !!

Anne Sophie Lorange (annesophie)

Anne Sophie Lorange wrote on October 13, 2014 12:03:

thank you dear Micheal, appreciate it!:).Have a great week!

Margareta Jungerth Boo (jungerthb)

Margareta Jungerth Boo wrote on September 30, 2014 06:00:

Thanks Michael

Anne Sophie Lorange (annesophie)

Anne Sophie Lorange wrote on August 24, 2014 18:40:

thank you Michael!

Margareta Jungerth Boo (jungerthb)

Margareta Jungerth Boo wrote on August 18, 2014 09:11:

Michael thanks

Anne Sophie Lorange (annesophie)

Anne Sophie Lorange wrote on April 20, 2014 21:10:

a be-lated" thank you" dear Michael! Appreciate it very much the favs, and your comment so true!

Jürgen  Wockert (cajunwocki)

Jürgen Wockert wrote on March 11, 2014 16:45:

Greatgreat works. mucho complimentos. chapeau.

Erik Holzworth (mustard)

Erik Holzworth wrote on February 26, 2014 16:07:

Hi Michael, Thanks for the fave, I wish you peace of mind and prosperity for the new year!

Anne Sophie Lorange (annesophie)

Anne Sophie Lorange wrote on August 25, 2013 20:16:

Thank you very much Michael!

Thorsten Dittrich (thorstendittrich)

Thorsten Dittrich wrote on August 12, 2013 18:35:

Thank you Michael for the favorites !

Luke Gilliam (lukegilliam)

Luke Gilliam wrote on August 11, 2013 11:14:

Thank you for the fave Michael - glad you like that piece, much obliged. Luke

Luke Gilliam (lukegilliam)

Luke Gilliam wrote on August 04, 2013 09:21:

Thank you so much for the faves Michael !

Jarratt Bradburd (Synapse)

Jarratt Bradburd wrote on July 21, 2013 18:30:

Thanks very much Michael !