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Sebastian Benderoth (Teriell)

Sebastian Benderoth (Teriell)

The outputs (paintings, drawings a.s.o.) of my past and present work are not designed or meant to be self-contained objects. They are just simple fragments wich mirror the process of my work itself. For me, the process while working is therefore the most important focus. It contains the combination, repetition, fragmentation on the one hand and the destruction, erasure and overlay on the other. For example, many paintings (or digital collages) are the (mostly temporarily) result of different work phases, in which parts of the image are overpainted or modified again and again. Painting or working on a digital image is a dialog with the world, reality, myself. It’s unusual, that the dialog comes to a conclusion or an ending because of a little result, which could be a nice wall decoration. The dialog could be interpreted as an act of thinking, realization and viewing in a cybernetic way.

I’m not really focussing on a special media. On the contrary, the hybridisation of different kinds of media seems interesting to me. The decisions for this or that kind of media are more pragmatic ones.

My motives or subjects are mostly motivated by the question, what happens to the individual in a postmodern world and it’s logic.


  • rafal karcz (karczraf)
  • elmar lause (elmar)
  • Marla Lombard (MarlaLombard)
  •  Lothar   Mattejat  (lotron)
  • Alexandra  Bolzer (a_bolzer)
  • ela Schwartz (ElaSchwartz)
  • Thomas Baier (thomas)
  • florian breetzke (florianbreetzke)
  • Agim Meta (agimmeta)
  • Thomas Demuth ( The Polygonist ) (Polygonist)
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Merrill Kazanjian (kazanjianm)

Merrill Kazanjian wrote on July 09, 2009 06:31:

Great gallery!!!