top transformation, ink and food colouring on Fabriano paper26cm x 1
top The Hug
top What good is a love song

Keep to myself, ever since you've been gone.
It's easy to do,
I just take from the shelf, sleeping pills I count on, depend on.
And listen to the music playing on the radio,
it goes in one ear and out the other, I just don't wanna know.

Baby, what good is a love song,
when the trumpets and the violins play in vain,
What you don't wanna hear,
a record that keeps in touch with your pain.

I try to recall, every little detail,
and one by one I count the things that hit wrong.
Every morning I fail.
So it's going to the corner movies, maybe see a show,
but it's even worse in technicolor or in full stereo.

What good is a love song,
when there's no one there that would be share it but you,
and you cry for, you die for a taste of the woman you knew.

top scenery 25 (hongkong '19)
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