The new art project of Alexandra Bolzer is a profound cooperation with the carinthian philosopher Peter Goricnik.
Goricnik's work delves into the works of surrealist philosophers like Georges Bataille, who's theorie of modernity created the legendary man without a head.
This man without a head is a symbol of the non-sovereignty of the sanity. He explains this Acephali i. a. with the exceptinal theory:
The Age of Enlightenment must enlighten itself.
Goricnik's moving antithesis for this is the libidinous bird woman as a model of society in accordance with the egalitarian principle connected to matriarchy. The Pigeon symbolizes the spirit and the beauty of the goddess of wisdom: Sophia.
Bolzer explores this thesis with her profound, contemporary visual language that was specifically designed for this purpose. Her result will be a new series of works as a result of this research and exploration.