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On Wings of Song,
Sweetheart, I carry you away,
Away to the fields of the Ganges,
Where I know the most beautiful place.

There is a garden of red flax
In the quiet moonlight;
Expect the lotus flowers
Their charming little sister.

The violets giggle and cherish,
And gaze up at the stars;
Secretly tell the roses
Are fragrant fairy ear.

Hopping near and listen
the pious, wise gazelles;
And noise in the distance
The sacred river's waves.

There we will lay down
Under the palm tree
Peace and love and drink
And dream our blissful dream.

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Francis Bacon besucht unerwartet die Wiesenstraße
Detlev Foth

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Raumbuch / Mittwochnacht iii
Detlev Foth

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