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Via Piagentina, Florence (Italy)

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I took a quote from the movie that made me laugh. The designer said that if he sees something written in Helvetica it's just like saying not to bother as it's a boring font that everyone uses. Seems true as since watching it I'm seeing Helvetica everywhere.

Put the text on a found image of some cool paper. Also figured out how to make my text look like it's actually printed on the thing, which is cool.

top Rainforest 4

This painting tried to capture a cloud rising from the rainforest below Kuranda in North Queensland at the start of the wet season.

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This painting tried to capture the glow that overcomes a tropical rainforest at sunset

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I have always admired the "Waterlilies" of Monet so I took a photo of the tropical waterlies in the Cairns Botanical Gardens and then painted them. Unfortunately these gardens were mostly destroyed by Cyclone Yasi in February. This painting captures that moment of the beauty of these gardens.

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