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Sabine Alex (art_enreich)

Sabine Alex (art_enreich)

I am a photographer and educator. I have became self-employed in Berlin in 2012 with a mobile darkroom for analog photography, which offers analog photographic workshops. These range topics such as photo-theory and history, organizing a photo tour, film processing, photo developing, experimental photographic topics such as photograms, pinhole photography, cyanotype and more. With this mobile darkroom I have worked for art and music festivals, schools, museums, associations, socio-cultural events and of course private events all over Germany.

If you are interested, just visit my website: , or send an email to:

Beside this, my job gives me the opportunitiy to experiment freely in my artistic photographic work.


07/2013 - now Team Workshop and Organisation for the analog photographic festival Analogue Now! in Berlin 2015
04/2013 Assistence for the photographic labor of Ina Schröder, Berlin
03/2013 Teilnahme an dem Kurs "Schwarz-Weiß-Techniken in der Dunkelkammer" an der F/16 Schule für Fotografie, Berlin
08/2012 Summerschool of F/16 Schule für Fotografie, Berlin
01/2012 - 09/2012 Camera-Assistence at the photographic projekt IMAGO 1:1 in Berlin Kreuzberg
01/2012 - now self-employed with a Mobile Darkroom
12/2011 Completion of the art education and history at the Technical University of Dresden with the first state examination
07/2011 workshop-leader darkroom for the International Festival for Contemporary Art OSTRALE Dresden
09/2010 - 10/2010 workshop-leader darkroom and guide for the International Photography-Festival F/STOP Leipzig
03/2008 - 07/2008 photography - course Andreas Seeliger, Riesa efau, Dresden
09/2006 photography - course Andreas Krug, KAP-Torgau e.V, Torgau
2006 study of art education and history at the TU Dresden


Mai 2012 - Juni 2012 photograpic exhibition "What the pinhole tells. Lochkameraträume" with Erik Pinkerton, Elena Capra and Florian Reischauer, Ida Nowhere Berlin-Neukölln

April 2012 Institusausstellung "Schwerpunkte und Leichtlinien" Institute of art education TU Dresden in the Kultusministerium Dresden

März 2012 - Mai 2012 Pinhole-Photography Edinburgh, England-England-Tearoom in Dresden

Oktober 2011 - November 2011
Illumination - Reflexion der Studienfahrt zur 54. Kunst-Biennale in Venedig, Institute of art education TU Dresden

Mai 2011
Exhibition of the Institute of art education TU Dresden, Schloss Dringenberg

August 2010
Exhibition "Klang&Kunst" Sector Evolution Dresden

Juli 2010
Examensausstellung OSTRALE Dresden

August 2008
Fotoausstellung "Auf Tasche" Kap Torgau

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