top Ralf Witthaus, Lückenschluß, Löhne

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top StreckenabschnittVorgebirgspark Vorgebirgsparkskulptur 2006

Foto: Manoel Nunes

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top HU-Hahn
top PI-4inGruppe

Group of 4 Penguins

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top Singularity

2010, Pencil on photograph, 19cm x 29cm
2500 NOK / 425 USD* / 311 EUR*
Edition: 12
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top Substrata no.2

I - A M - N A T U R E

I like to climb trees a lot.
Up in the trees everything looks a little "Pollockesque".

My mother has told me that I as a two to three year old (almost) fell down from a huge ash. I was hooked up in one of the branches, and ended up hanging upside down in one of my rubber booths. I never made a sound - just hanged there quietly. I do not remember this myself, but I like to believe that I enjoyed the view.

I remove the "jazz" of Pollock's paintings, and create sugestive mirrors wich is largely based on light-dark contrasts rather than chromatic structure. The result is a setting up of a rigorous play of Pollock/anti-Pollock polarities in each work.

The round shape is a comment on my use of a lens based equipment. Kodak's very first camera availiable to the public - the No. 1 Kodak, provided round images. / Tondos.