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Yet another hero, heroine, heroin dedication. Also dedicated to all idiot, fascist, victimologist, "revisionist", head-buried-deep-in-your-ass, filmmakers named Raoul, and also ... Idi Amin who apparently disliked human flesh because it tasted "too salty", and the Black Kings of Benin (West African Slave Coast) who "decorated" their palace with the severed heads of their own black slaves (only after Benin became a French Colony, and American and British War Ships patrolled the West African Coast, did the Benin Slave Trade come to an end ... just as Mussolini was the first to forbid the Slave Trade of Abyssinia under threat of the death penalty ... nevertheless, an estimated 30% of the population of Mauritanian are STILL slaves, and female genital mutilation and Voodoo practices still abound in Black Sub-Sahara Africa today, along with the world-wide highest percentages of political corruption, murder, and rape)... yes ... please read "Colonialism Revisited 101 A". Reality, as we all know, is not politically correct nor compatible with Postmodern Marxist Victimology Narratives and if it wasn't for all these graves, Europe would be nothing but a V.L.G.C. (Very Large Gas Chamber) today, ... at least all these thousands of brave HETEROSEXUAL WHITE MEN did not die in vain.