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top Ihr Reiseladen

Entstanden für die Ausstellung "Böblingen" im Böblinger Kunstverein 2015

top Korsakoff's syndrome–Korsakoff_syndrome

top Gewitter an der Grenze - IV

Final version

top Aristotele
top Toba's face-off

Final version

top Fallwind

Katabatic Wind

top Deserted trains
top Angler  und der Wels
top Chiat/Day, a memory

The original Apple creative team at Chiat/Day Advertising, Los Angeles, California. (Photography by Bo Hylen)

Lee Clow and Steve Hayden created '1984', the famous Apple Superbowl commercial which aired only once. (Directed by Ridley Scott)

I was an Art Director.

The ad agency, at that time, took up the whole second floor of a hotel. The famous Biltmore Hotel at Pershing Square, downtown L.A.

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