top Abstract based on ths Figure 1
top Madrona on Turn Island

48 x 48 inches.

top Wandobjekt  7/3/14/K

threedimensional object with different red cardboard on red wavecardboard under glass.

top Wandobjekt  6/3/14/K

threedimensional object of different blue cardboard and blue wavecardboard under glass.

top Wandobjekt  16/5/12/K
top Wandobjekt  15/5/12/K
top Wandobjekt  9/4/21/K
top Ribera II

Digital superimposition of landscape photography and hand-made pictorial texture.
Ultrachrome K3 pigment ink print on 310 g Fine Art German Etching paper.
Limited edition of 5 copies + 2 artist's proof.