top Mass = Energy = Time

This kinetic installation uses two found weight mechanism clocks. The lead weights which are normally used to power the clocks have been removed and replaced by foods (bread and bananas) of the same mass. The clocks continue to work as normal - powered by the gravitational potential energy inherent in the foods. Originally installed at Goldsmiths College in 2002 and then at the Colony gallery space in Birmingham in 2004.

top  Potential Generator

This kinetic sculpture was designed to give gravitational potential energy to apples. Apples are placed on the escalator device at the rear of the bike and, as a result of the bike being pedalled, are transported to a height above the ground proportional to their chemical energy content. A similar, but proportionally larger, Potential Generator for doughnuts was also designed.

top Kinetic Cake vs Kinetic Carrot

In this kinetic installation a carrot and a chocolate éclair race around two facing train tracks at speeds proportional to their chemical energy contents - the éclair being just over three times faster than the vegetable of a comparable size.