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G.I. Pongase (gipongase)

G.I. Pongase (gipongase)


A graduate of Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of the Philippines Cebu, G.I. Pongase utilizes colors and texture to reach out to the audience. With the use of multiple layers in his works, he hopes to trigger their thoughts and emotions about everyday life. G.I. is currently based in Cebu and continues to cultivate his art with practice and exploration. Previous work in the field of art include teaching, murals, art workshops and design.

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Freya Kazemi (Freya)

Freya Kazemi wrote on May 03, 2016 12:35:

Thank you Gerald:)

G.I. Pongase (gipongase)

G.I. Pongase wrote on July 08, 2015 18:38:

Your welcome Johannes! great works!

Johannes Huinink (johann_i)

Johannes Huinink wrote on July 08, 2015 16:25:

Thanky you very much for the favs, Gerald!