top FarBehind
top Untitled

Ian MacLeod
Acrylic, latex and varathane on paper.

top Trancas Beach, California
top Between the Hours

Original abstract painting

30x40 in.

Oil, oil stick, boiled linseed oil on canvas

top Untitled on paper

Acrylic, latex and glue on torn paper.

top put away the little things 1
top Unable

Wooden Dollman: I’m sorry. I am unable to help you.
Balloon Girl: It’s not just you. They can’t help me either.
Wooden Dollman: Who are they?
Balloon Girl: More of us, except we don’t know their names.
Wooden Dollman: Then who are we?
Balloon Girl: Pieces...pieces of a puzzle, but no one can solve it. Us, them, all of it
will just remain pieces for now.
Wooden Dollman: Why can’t anyone solve it? Can’t they see the big picture.
Balloon Girl: If they could see the big picture, maybe. Right now they don’t know
there is a big picture.
Wooden Dollman: That could be a problem, but how do you know about all this.
Balloon Girl: I float.
Wooden Dollman: But you are still a piece.
Balloon Girl: No, I am the big picture.
Wooden Dollman: Can you tell me about the big picture?
Balloon Girl: I already did. It is the sum of all the pieces.
Wooden Dollman: But what does it look like?
Balloon Girl: You.