top Chernobyl footprints in Belarus, 25 years after

Center for children in Vitebsk

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Homage à Ridley Scott's film Bladerunner from 1982

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top Mae West Parachute


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a free digital composition originally based (mostly) on a photography often worked out over more than 60 steps of copying, coloring, decoloring, stretching, detailed form and color changing etc. until the shown image was done and not one of the original photographic pixels was left. A kind of fantastic situation where everything seems to make a kind of new sense. - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the signed TIFF file in high resolution together with all copyrights documented and print it according to your own plans.