top abstract 81
top Desolation row

"passages unknown" series

top la fam

Acrylic and collage on card stock

top Belly Mask

Mermaid Mask design on my own belly mask

top The original Méhari from 1969

Final version. This was the best looking Méhari until Citroën fucked it up.

top wz 03
top Wert-Papier 01820090528

Part of a series of "Wert-Papiere" (securities)
Calendar 2010:

top Wert-Papier 01220090510

Part of a series of "Wert-Papiere" (securities)
Calendar 2010:

top C11 acrylic on paper 29x41c

This is one of the drawings of the series that I created during my holiday in the South of France, while recovering from the cancer treatment. Not having access to my usual tools and materials, and in a limited space, I have experimented with different techniques. Here I painted with acrylic on paper(usually I use indian ink for my drawings.