top On this earth...

On this earth, where there’s always a war somewhere,
where there’s killing and suffering,
you can find eccentrics who eat vegetable soup on bread,
and others who drink to kill a mouse.
But weirder are the millions of people,
who in their peace of mind, still make babies
and assume that they’re grateful to their parents.

top Dirty Martini

48x36 in.
Oil on gallery canvas
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© Alan Taylor Jeffries 2015

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top The Garden Path To The Big Anywhere - Waiting For The Results
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top A new message

Oil painting on canvas, painted with painting (palette) knives; 100x80 cm, 2012

It is advisable to view this painting under "View Full Size" in order to capture the 3D-like texture.

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top Rough Sketch For Restful Sleeper Geesje Kwak 1894