Ika Broukman (ika)

Ika Broukman (ika)

The moment we are born, we are chained.

Forced into a harsh physical reality of survival, imprisoned in boxes, surrounded by definitions and blinded by our incapability of answering the most basic questions… Where do we come from? Why are we here? What is this reality we call life in which we live in? Was it created by another entity? and what are the limits of our understanding...

My art emerges from this dark insecure environment. A inner source of light with a urge to shine and open passages to different dimensions, mystical and free of life’s band aids. This has become the sole purpose of my existence.

I wish my paintings to break all chains and let you the spectators escape and have your moment of freedom.



Voted as "ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2017" on artistaday.com


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