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Artist Statement

Working with iron for me is a dialogue, which raises to the surface, on one hand, content, forms, textures and themes, that were hidden and embodied in the material, and on the other hand the joy of creation and wealth of ideas of my inner world.
The interaction between them creates them anew, tangled together.
Iron, usually perceived as industrial, cold and gloomy, for me, has a life of its own, with much tenderness, strength, dynamism, warmth, and even humor, which
I try to expose and get into practice.

The process of "giving birth" to works ranging in scale between figurative and abstract, and deal with a wide range of topics, shapes and textures, occurs, while experiencing, self-study and personal research both the endless possibilities of the material, and my abilities using a variety of techniques, including blacksmithing, flame cutting, welding, sawing, grinding, polishing and more.
All my works preserve the natural color of iron and only a thin layer of transparent covering is applied to protect against oxidation

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