Relief with rusty patina is from Cycle ‘Dance of flying spheres’symbolizes
The exhibition consists of reliefs showing archetypal symbols.

The dominant symbol is a sphere symbolizing the finest forms of consciousness, inspired by the ideas that are born in visionary moments.

As such, spheres are a signpost in the man's way of knowing himself and the world around him, and often act in the form of restoring belief in the meaning of existence and they transform into some sort of creative energy which culminates in creative work.

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top Steinbruch, entfernt, Mai

Steinbruch, entfernt, Mai
Öl und Ölpastell auf Malkarton
50 x 65 cm

Detlev Foth

top Mai-Skizze III

Mai-Skizze III
Öl und Ölpastell auf Papier
50 x 65 cm

Detlev Foth

top 20180524_112723"Birds"