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A memory of creative director Bill Hamilton.

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‘Dialogue with 'Physical Objects'

The paintings are present various physical objects which exist before our eyes and images related thereto; however, those come down to the matter of human's sense and perception, and, furthermore, each individual's view. My works have focused on arranging the chaotic and disordered factors of landscape scenes in a harmonious way so that I can create a self-controlled unity, for which the dialogue with objects is essential. The external world means the internal one and vice versa. 'Dialogue with objects'is based on the space-time world inside which numerous choices and activities are being made between external and internal world; in other words, it is the process of expressing inner feelings in visual ways. Communicationwith the speechless objects, while listening to the speechless objects and perceiving them through paintings, enables us to be free from a stereotyped image and an obsessed notion. Only a sincere and pure dialogue with them makes it possible.

Fallen walls, debris from buildings, etc. with some damages and stains caused by normal wear and tear, rain, wind, etc., which are far from new shiny buildings, depict the elapse of time. Remaining stones, fallen walls, dried plants, etc. have suggested some knotty problems; however, these become somewhat bygone issue. The time gap between the past and the present replaces the perception of 'reality' and 'functional features of buildings' with the perception of 'beautiful objects' in a calm and careful way. This is an attempt to compromise on the long-lasting conflicting issue of 'civilization'. Even the concrete wall, one of the products that human creates, may be recognized as the product of nature in the end. The image of dried plants also reminds us of uniquenostalgic memories. This means the removal of tension between human and life and human and city space. In this context, antique ruined buildings can become a part of nature.

Stones, walls, etc. used for my works play an important role in enriching my experiences through i) numerous marks and forms thereon and ii) the interaction with time and space passing around them, not to the mention the formative features of those stones and walls. Stones are not dead any more. They are alive and they lead us to the direct intuition on one's entities, as is the case of the religious medication facing the wall. In other words, the physical objects such as stones and walls provide an organic unlimited space where the empathy between those objects and me is developed. I've tried to make some efforts to express both simple and complex words that they have said to me through my paintings.

My works have focused on expressing the source and cycle of eternal life; hopefully any and all cyclic objects will remain semitransparent or unknown to me and other spectators.

Koo Bon-A