top The Book of Air and Water

The first of two paintings that make the series "The Four Elements".
72 x 112 inches in two sections.

top An Open Place

From the series "Field Notes"
60 x 94 inches

top Nightfall

From the series "Under the Influence of the Camera"
In two sections, 36 x 108 inches

top day-to-day_12_andreschmucki

day to day - 2012 - oil on canvas - 180cm x 120cm x 3cm - andreschmucki

top l'éblouissement
top Wege am Wasser

paths on water

top Gutshofstuhl 5
top Some Rights Reserved

Original abstract artwork

24x18 in.

Oil, oil stick, charcoal, pencil, acrylic on cardboard

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top Matrikel


top les rubans