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Dickson Kaloki (kaloki)

Dickson Kaloki (kaloki)

Drawings from Charcoal to project the cultural change among our so called mordanization or can I say civilization. where we have forgoten public decency and following the media like headless chicken but instead we have Tv Head


Kaloki was born in 1985 in Kitui District, Eastern Kenya. At two months old, the family moved to Nairobi for a better life .

In 2004, after completing secondary school, he began to explore different art community projects and centres until he settled at the Go Down art centre in Nairobi where he stayed and developed his career for seven years. During this time, he enrolled in BIFA, Buru Buru Institute of Fine Art, where he studied Interior Design.

In 2010, his career really took off, whilst still focusing on painting and exhibiting in Nairobi, he began to get involved in numerous film production companies as an artistic director and set designer. He started working with a British based charity, Anno's Africa / One Fine Day who provide different art forms to children in the slums of Kenya to be their new head of art.

In 2011, Kaloki had his first international exhibition in Madrid and In 2013, he moved to Kuona Trust, Nairobi, a centre for visual art, where he painted from for one year until relocating to his own private studio. Since then he has exhibited in Berlin, Cologne, Denmark and has exbibitions lined up in London and Wales in 2015/16.



2015 Portrait exhibition | Brick Lane Gallery, London

2015 White vest | Omnibus, London

2015 Spring Salon part 2 | Candid Arts Trust, London

2015 Spring Salon | Candid Arts Trust, London

2015 Artsdepot | Artsdepot Open, London

2015 The Voices | The Gallery London, London

2014 Faces | Peponi Hotel, Lamu

2014 Today and beyond | Meditereno, Nairobi

2014 My Voice | Mexican Embassy, Nairobi

2014 The Stranger in Me | Quepasa, Nairobi

2014 Art Aution | Australian Embasy, Nairobi

2014 Give back My Voice | Omnibus, London

2013 Manjano Price Exhibition | Village Market, Nairobi

2013 Out of Kenya | The Art lounge, Cologne

2012 Paint me a Future | Ganzambo, Madrid

2011 Art Auction | Panafric Hotel, Nairobi

2010 10 years annivanssary | Godown Art centre, Nairobi

2006 Jury Competition | French Cultural Cente, Nairobi

2006 Art Sale | International School, Nairobi

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