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top The Bicycle Men

"The Bicycle Men"
Oil on Canva by Amadon.2013
Available for Selll / For Sale.

This is a street Food seller men...every day after work he rushing in his bicycle to see his lover lady... he do this every single evening with so much passion and interest...

top Save the Sea

Original oil painting by Amadon.2013
Save the Sea"

top The girl in the bottle

Original painting by Amadon.2013
"The Girl in the Bottle"

top Landscape #7

Original oil painting by Amadon

top Hide in the Blue

"Hide in the Blue "
Original painting by amadon.


top Just Flowers #3

"JUst Flowers #3 " by Amadon

top Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka (1883 -1924), a culturally influential German-language novelist, born in Prague.

top Quoi?!
top 1963 was the beginning of tragedy

1963 was the beginning of tragedy - Artwork by Ridha H. Ridha, Digital art, Size 50 X60 cm 300 dpi

top Thunder and Amusement