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top desperate woman
top woman lying on blue ground
top The Ladder
top The Idea of a House #8
top series 32 no 10

Slideshows of work uploaded 13 and 14 March

Links to videos of my paintings at YOU TUBE

The human mind treat smaller paintings as if it is looking AT an object or a thing such as a table or chair ,
but larger works are experienced (like installations) as if one is part of them and participate in them.
Now that you know this please do not treat these images as if they
are just more objects or things you look AT,
but experience and participate in them.

top 2013 Akt 23
top Untitled (stencil)
top first attempt at "ecce homo"
top Us

This is "The Adbusters Project Box"- This series is inspired by the legendary Canadian magazine "Adbusters" with whom I worked recently (by publishing the work "The young american broker in disintegration" in the September / October 2015)