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convey - 2013 - andré schmucki - oil on canvas - 80cm x 70cm x 2cm

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attract - 2014 - acrylic and oil on canvas - 95cm x 105cm

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blinding sun - 2015 - airbrush - acrylic - oil on canvas - 90cm x 70cm - andré schmucki

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This is my most recent addition to the Incarnation series, completed at the beginning of July. Again I am dancing around the idea of people in the process of being created, in their incompleteness shaping and effecting one another. I was a little trepidatious as I began this painting because I knew the uterus would make some uncomfortable, but in the end I came to the conclusion that if I am painting a series that is intimately involved with the body, identity, and formation of the Self, I can't be shy about things like uteri. Such is life.

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This second piece of my Incarnation series shows a progression towards corporeal or biological themes. One of my intentions with this series is to depict people in the process of being created. I believe we are spiritual beings who are "incorporated" into the physical world. This series represents a convergence of several elements that have been present in works I have done over the years: the skeleton, the body and biological processes, ethereal abstract lines, and the incorporation of trash into artwork.

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