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top Margie Alexander

Homage à soul sister Margie Alexander, 1948 - 2013
What a voice. One of my favorite 1970s soul singers.

top The History of the Future

"The History of the Future", 2014, mixed media, 30 x 30 cm. Animal bone, wire, stones, chalk, plaster, burned fabric, glass, electronic parts, ink and acrylic on fiberboard.

top Hands of a sculptor by Shimon Drory
top Smoke and Wing

From my exhibit "Silhouettes of Other Dreams"

top Shadow

" And one idol lit up by that flash, seen fair and lovely on a dream-throne of silk and gold under a chryselephantine dome, is a shape of deathless grace not always given its due among groping mortals—the haughty, the unconquered, the mysterious, the luxurious, the Babylonian, the impersonal, the eternal companion of superiority and art—the type of perfect beauty and the brother of poetry—the bland, grave, competent, and patrician cat."

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