top untitled, series"neon"

Experimental study about neon light

I was fascinating from the colourful lighting of neon lights. By experimenting with close ups, bluring and movement during exposure the perception moves, losts the orientation on the physical appearance and opens to the perception of colours and surfaces.

Limited edition of 10


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top 1 Messy Dot
top Mediterranea - Shared & Divided

Mediterranea - Shared & Divided is visual art project about in the Mediterranean area. The interdisciplinary project explore photography, mixed-media and installation for create contemporary pictures of mediterranean area. Between Sarajevo, Tunisia, Istanbul and Cairo we promote a dialogue among communities sharing commons backgrounds. In a actual fragmentation of Mediterranean area due of an hard european migration politic, artists propose new visual artworks for contribute to pluralism, diversity and multiculturalism dialogue.

top sunbreak 03

generative abstract

top Exterior outline

( Unintended interpretations #)
There is what is written on us and what we write
Where is the grid showing that if its exterior outline
No longer fits alongside its interior outline
The hand passes

top untitled
top Civil War Gun

Seyo Cizmic - Civil War Gun - Redesigned Pistol Replica