Ruben Monakhov (rubenm)

Ruben Monakhov (rubenm)

Artist Statement:

When I was a teenager, I thought that the XXI century — is an unachievable distant future. And now this future already came. Many things that seemed as science fiction before, now — the prosaic reality.
But did it make people more happy?

Modern man is so fed up of visual information, that he lost the ability to wonder. Craft of visual simulation has reached such a degree of perfection that absolutely everything become possible.
But did it make people began to feel more acutely?

A XXI century resident is racing through his life with escape velocity. The visual aspect of the world rushes in front of him like a continuous tape, and his eyes have time to grab only the most glaring and outstanding, most new and unusual. But even this he does not manage to feel in a full range. Because new information is no longer waiting — it's climbing into his eyes and pushed by the next, like the passengers in the Tokyo subway.

My painting — is a story about the beauty of light and color in the stopped moment of time. No conceptual nonsense or ultra-supernova "ideas".
Simply painting. Oil on canvas. In the same way as it was done by many generations of artists.
In the same way, but still a little differently. Subjectively.
Because painting — is a very personal experience.


Born December 12, 1970 in Leningrad (USSR)

Graduate from Serov Art School (at present time Roerikh Art School) in 1991, graphics design.

St. Petersburg section of Russian Federation Artists Union since 1999.


«St. Petersburg 20 years. The last exhibition» CEH «Manezh», St. Petersburg;

One man show «Traveller's CLub» Gallery 14/45, St. Petersburg;
«St. Petersburg Subway. Past. Present. Future.» St. Petersburg Subway Museum, St. Petersburg;
«Russian Art Today» Erarta|Ten34 gallery, New-York;
«Bonaparte-media», «Art-Anfas. Napoleon-12. Artistic practice» festival. Art re.FLEX gallery, St. Petersburg;
One man show «Staring at the sides» ART.object gallery, St. Petersburg;
«The Ideal Landscape» ART.object gallery, St. Petersburg;
«St. Petersburg 2011» CEH «Manezh»,St. Petersburg;

"Not ashamed!*" «Gran-M»,St. Petersburg;
"St. Petersburg 2010" CEH «Manezh»,St. Petersburg;
one man show «Depictimpressions», «Griboyedov» club, St. Petersburg;

"The Friendship", «100 Svoih», St. Petersburg;
One man show «The Point of View», «Zero gallery», St. Petersburg;
IV Graphic show "Prints lover" CEH «Manezh»,St. Petersburg;
"I See it This Way!". One man show, «100 Svoih», St. Petersburg;
"Art-Craft" Studio "Spring Exacerbation" Minor hall CEH «Manezh»,St. Petersburg;
International exhibition-competition "Flights in Dreams and in Reality", State art gallery "Na Kashirke", Moscow;
"St. Petersburg 2009" CEH «Manezh»,St. Petersburg;

* One man show «December's Scopophilia»,
«Zero gallery», St. Petersburg;
bulthaup design gallery, St. Petersburg;
* KunStart'09 presented by Galeria de Arte Gaudi (Madrid)
* One man show «May's Scopophilia»,
«Selskaya Zhizn'» gallery, St. Petersburg;

* Christmas Exhibition
Galeria de Arte Gaudi, Madrid;
* Lineart'08 presented by Galeria de Arte Gaudi (Madrid)
Flanders Expo, Ghent;
* One man show "Raum und Decoration"
Colourblind Gallery, Koln;
* Art-Craft Studio "Barcode"
Mayakovsky Library, St. Petersburg;
* Art-Craft Studio "Barcode"
Mitki museum, St. Petersburg;
* "St. Petersburg 2007"
CEH «Manezh»,St. Petersburg;

* The Second groupe exhibition "Random Crosslinking"
«Selskaya Zhizn'» gallery, St. Petersburg;
* one man show «Cities. Ofort.»,
Sholokhov Library, St. Petersburg;
* «170 Anniversary of Russian Railroad»,
Railroad museum, St. Petersburg;
* «About the Railroad»,
Books & Graphics Centre, St. Petersburg;
* «Red Circle of Constructivism»,
Jam Hall, St. Petersburg;

* group exhibition «Random Cross-linking»,
«Selskaya Zhizn'» gallery, St. Petersburg;
* IV SPb. art galleries festival
(consisting of «Art-Craft» studio),
CEH «Manezh»,St. Petersburg;
* one man show «No Names»,
«Griboyedov» club, St. Petersburg;
* «St. Petersburg Engravings» exhibition
(consisting of «Art-Craft» studio),
RCHSA, St. Petersburg;

* one man show «Endless Journey»,
S.P.A.S. gallery, St. Petersburg?;

* exhibition of young artists «Hope»,
SPbRFAU, St. Petersburg;
* Spring exhibition of young SPb artists,
CEH «Manezh»,St. Petersburg;

* «Art-Craft»,
Alice gallery, Bordeaux;
* «Art-Craft»,
municipality of Bordeaux;
* one man show ,
«Selskaya Zhizn'» gallery, St. Petersburg;

* «Art-Craft»,
Public Library on Moskovsky pr., St. Petersburg;

* «10 years on the way»,
Roerikh Art School, St. Petersburg;

* SPbRFAU new members exhibition ,
SPbRFAU, St. Petersburg;

* «4 Horisonts»,
Akhmatova museum, St. Petersburg;

* «Young artists of SPb»,
DK «Izhorets»,. Kolpino;
* «Leavetaking with Communism»,
«Baltika» gallery, St. Petersburg;
* one man show,
DK «Izhorets»,. Kolpino;
* «Exhibition of young artists»,
«Baltika» gallery, St. Petersburg;
* one man show,
Dostoyevsky museum, St. Petersburg;

* «Exhibition of young artists»,
LDM, St. Petersburg;

* «A part for WHite Piano»,
State Chapel on Vassilievsky Island,St. Petersburg.

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Ruben Monakhov (rubenm)

Ruben Monakhov wrote on April 16, 2013 20:42:

Thank you, Luke! :)

Luke Gilliam (lukegilliam)

Luke Gilliam wrote on April 16, 2013 16:24:

Absolutely stunning.

Ruben Monakhov (rubenm)

Ruben Monakhov wrote on December 14, 2012 08:49:

Thanks, Ulea!

Francois Foucras (foucras)

Francois Foucras wrote on February 28, 2010 15:17:

I like your moustache too !

Francois Foucras (foucras)

Francois Foucras wrote on February 28, 2010 15:07:

Hey ruben Spasiba for choosing some of my paintings your wall. I like very much your intimate work with unusual framing and nice colors. Congratulations