top  God=Thought= Time= Space= God

God=Thought=Time=Space=God, is this how it is? or is the more to it!

top African
top Jo Jo the dog faced boy

Jo-Jo the dog faced guy one of my favorite subjects

top Little Wing

Little on my sweet angel...little wings will lift you up.

top Motor City is Burning

John Lee Hooker Motor City is Burning,the riots in 68,the MC5,John Sinclair and the Tigers who brought the fragmented city together as they went on to win the world series.

top Queenie

Part of my Sheba series.I thought Aretha would make a great "Sheba".You know soloman is going to respect her!

top struggle
top africa
top What a Lovely Ass

Fourth in the series of a potential five.

fancy paper and donkey figure in a 5x7" shadow box. [SOLD]