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top Bluff

hand cut collage

top The Mood Pyramid

Hand cut collage

top Tree of Life

Hand cut collage

top Nursery Rhyme

"Nursery Rhyme", 2016, 40 x 30 cm; acrylic, cut and painted paper, plaster, on wood.

The purpose of a nursery rhyme, beneath its bright and benevolent exterior, it to translate the chaos and confusion of life into a narrative comprehensible to the mind of a child.

This painting, like a poem for children, is built up in layers, each layer altering and amplifying the ones above and beneath it.

top Armored For Delight

"Armored For Delight", 2016, acrylic and cut paper on canvas.

Superimposed grids of bright squares in ochre, white, yellow and orange create a shimmering field of light. There and there are visible areas of green, blue and dark gray, suggesting foliage in sunlight.

top Hymn

"Hymn", 2016, acrylic with cut paper and plaster dust on wood, 16 x 16 inches (40 x 40 cm).

Many disparate voices flow together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Cut and painted paper is layered with acrylic and plaster; some layers are sanded to partially reveal the layers beneath, others are left intact, providing an illusion of depth and movement in space.

top The Days Between

"The Days Between", 2016, acrylic and cut paper on gallery-wrapped canvas, 50cm wide x 40cm high (20 x 16 inches).

A combination of geometric and organic forms cut from painting paper are layered into a background of acrylic (some of the paint amended with plaster dust) sanded and varnished between layers to create an illusion of depth and transparency. The forms loop and scatter across the canvas, gathering in places to create small "scenes", groupings of forms that see to imply some further meaning or image, while a single pale structure wanders across the entire image, like a rope, or a river, or a sequence of moments.