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Billie Thackwell (thackb5)

Billie Thackwell (thackb5)

Playing with the camera and photograph, drawing lines, making rooms and using color.

I love simplicity . A simple black line can give me a kick.

The relationships between lines and shapes..... The spaces and voids that are created. What happens in the voids or in-betweens? Freedom? There is freedom in the restraint of the simple black line.

The clearness and crispness of the a path our choices.


I am born in the UK but have not lived that many years there. I have lived over half my life in Norway.

I started off doing photography and studied photography at Napier University, Edinburgh.
After Napier I have studied art at different art schools in Oslo.


I have had solo shows as well as group shows.

I have a solo show every year or two . Sometimes 2 or more a year.
Group shows both juried and others I have more often.

I do wonder about the relevance of keeping track of all one's shows, the real importance of it..?


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