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Tsisana Baghdavadze (tsitsib)

Tsisana Baghdavadze (tsitsib)


I am a disabled artist, who paints all the moods that she experiences. I generally work in oil paints. I never thought that someday I would become a painter, it was just a hobby from my childhood. I loved colouring everything what was on the paper. I was even colouring all characters written on the paper - all closed spaces of characters. I was twelve when I've decided to learn how to paint professionally and it still was just a hobby, but it was becoming something more for me. The factor why I dedicated much time to paint was not only interest in art, especially painting, but condition of my health. Disease made me sit all the time, I was too weak to walk and go anywhere. I even couldn't go at school, I was studying at home. So, from that time as I closed myself at home, I was painting all the time. The problem that I couldn't walk anymore become a beginning of my life as an artist.

  • Gianfranco Ferlazzo (Pittore)
  • Carlos Regueira (CarlosRegueira)
  • Ramona Zirk (Mona)
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Carlos Regueira (CarlosRegueira)

Carlos Regueira wrote on March 29, 2016 14:20:

Thank you so much, Tsisana!

Gianfranco Ferlazzo (Pittore)

Gianfranco Ferlazzo wrote on February 11, 2016 17:27:

Hi Tsisana:))! Thank you very much !!!:)))