• Autant... le vent.
  • Cantique
  • Décembre 2018.
  • Chez Hugo
  • Gitanes à Palavas.
  • Fumeurs

Photography, Sculpture, Drawing, Other/ Multi disciplinary, Painting

Quand j'étais petit les enfants sages
A l'école on leur donnait des images

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  • Epiphyte
  • Nomos
  • Tryst V
  • Tryst IV
  • Tryst III
  • Tryst II

Installation, Photography, Painting, Other/ Multi disciplinary, Drawing

Focus on drawing, collage and painting

"Das Grafische und das Ma...

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  • Wings
  • The Brooch #2
  • The Brooch #1
  • Two Masks
  • Childhood Memory of a Japanese Doll
  • Landscape #2

Other/ Multi disciplinary, New Media, Photography, Painting

I usually work with oil paint on canvas but I also paint in oil on tracing pa...

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  • pose
  • exuberance
  • flotsam
  • the silent viewer
  • marginal phenomenon
  • more than this

Other/ Multi disciplinary, Photography

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  • trio
  • Januari view
  • happy holidays to all of you
  • sight
  • blue in the light
  • lthe lake is preparing for Christmas

Performance, Other/ Multi disciplinary, Drawing, Painting, Photography

unexpected thougts and subjectmatters

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  • ohne
  • Bauarbeiten
  • 2013_04_29
  • SNV83156
  • 4
  • 3

New Media, Performance, Other/ Multi disciplinary, Drawing, Installation, Video, Photography, Sculpture

Ist das Kunst; oder kann das weg ?
- und der Versuch, kreativ zu sein. ...

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  • untitled (the unattainable is always blue)
  • untitled (intermittences of being)
  • to silence
  • Untitled
  • Untitled (parting hour to see)
  • untitled (then it strikes roots)

Sculpture, Installation, Painting, Photography, Drawing

I enjoy touching upon the invisible and visible, and the vague and amibiguous...

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  • Selfie with a cartoon figure
  • H
  • To Miriam
  • Based on a true story
  • I painted like this as a child
  • Selfie with Amos shoken ( an israeli art colector)

Installation, Other/ Multi disciplinary, Photography, Drawing, New Media, Painting

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  • Oma Firlefanz
  • peter
  • Howdy
  • Bruchholz
  • Düne, Treibholz
  • Dicke Backen

Sculpture, Performance, Installation, New Media, Photography, Other/ Multi disciplinary, Painting, Drawing

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