top Sketchworks 1

My series Sketchworks are an expression of abstract art inspired by jazz improvisation. I listen to jazz and sketch with pencil or pen in black and white and let the melodies and harmonies and chord changes influence my sketching. Every note of an improvised solo is reflected in the marks I make on paper. I try to give visual form to the audio expressions I hear. Whether I’m listening to Traditional jazz, Standards, Cool jazz, Bebop, Hard Bop, Ballads, all styles can be recognized in Sketchworks.

top Geo-Ab-Digi Red-take-2

Geo-Ab-Digi Red take 2 is digital fine art inspired by Fabulist short stories. Geometric shapes play out a subtle narrative while floating over textured, surreal terrain. Available for purchase at:

top Totem-Head-Red-2

My series Totem Heads is influenced by African Masks and Moai Monolithic heads of Easter Island. They are stylistic rendering of imaginary mystical faces. The basic sketches are done by hand and then the coloration is done digitally. The idea took form while I doodled in the margins of notebooks, later to evolve into individual characters. If you find yourself talking to them, don’t be surprised if they answer back.

Available for purchase at:

top Organic Shapes 3

Organic Shapes 3 is a mixed media, abstract surrealism drawing. This piece was damaged but was reworked in digital media to bring it back to life. Available for purchase at

top Banana Fingers

My series of mixed media drawings Organic Shapes is influenced by Surrealism and the Chicago Imagists. Colorful, free-form shapes float and intermingle across an imaginary microscope slide, exposing a hidden world. Organic Shapes explore the inter-dimensional realms of creativity.

top crow

"Crow" is a mixed media drawing done with marker and color pencil. It illustrates the influence of vision quest animals on art composition.

top Geo-Ab-YELLOW-Digital-1

An addition to my Geo-Abstract series, "Yellow" is completely digitally created. Not as organic as the hand rendered pieces, but speaks to a different interpretation. Modern, stylized, geometric, whimsical

top Talisman Head Red 1

Talisman Head Red 1 was first sketched in ballpoint pen and then colored with digital techniques. Abstract rendering elements are used to convey a mystical appearance.

top Piano Concerto

"Piano Concerto" is a copper plate engraving on Arches paper. The print conveys the abstract influences of music on graphic art composition.

top Twin Stumps

Twin Stumps is a digital photograph of tree stumps. The original shot was then modified in photoshop to explore adjusting the textures found in nature to render a surrealistic effect.