top Barn

"Barn" is a digital color photograph of an old barn discovered in Eureka Montana.

top Crow

"Crow" is a black and white marker rendering of a crow. Original sketch work by william calkins.

top Musician

Zinc plate etching. Artist proof. A whimsical scene of musicians.

top Stump Roots

Stump Roots is a digital black and white photograph modified with photoshop techniques. This photo explores digital manipulation of natural subject elements.

top Apocalypse Car

Apocalypse Car is a "found subject" composition enhanced with photoshop digital techniques to convey a surrealistic effect.

top Wine Bubbles

Wine Bubbles is a mixed digital media creation. Combining the properties of both vector and pixel techniques, this composition depicts abstract geometric patterns.

top Men and Toilets

Men and Toilets is a surrealistic pencil drawing, part of a series of drawings depicting surrealistic public toilet scenes.

top Rooster and Egg

Rooster and Egg is a graphite pencil sketch. An animal drawing study.